Welcome To Open Home!

Open Heart is a Licensed Residential Care Home located 6 miles east of Terrell, Texas on Hwy 80. Our goal is to provide an environment where elder adults can receive personalized care in a dignified manner. Our staff is comprised of individuals who are compassionate and focused on the health and well being of our residents. PERSONAL TOUCH-Like all Assisted Living/Residential Care Communities, we will develop an individual plan of care for our residents and update accordingly, however, we will go a step further by personalizing everything for our residents. We recognize that different people have developed different habits and patterns throughout life and we wish for time at Open Heart, Open Home to be spent in the most enjoyable way. We have been known to prepare special meals or make sandwiches late at night at the request of our residents. We are here at your service.

Residential Care

At Open Heart,Open Home we have fewer people in the environment, resulting in a home-like setting which possess a tranquil environment. This is critical in the more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s/Dementia typically stay healthier in a smaller environment because they have direct contact with the certified nursing assistants and have the ability to know the individuals on a personal level. A personal touch means the world to someone who can no longer provide simple daily tasks. The residents at Open Heart can participate in daily activities, like cooking, gardening, cleaning a home; whereas a large facility this type of activity is not an option or not allowed. Open Heart offers personal care services with a bed and breakfast feel!

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